Installation Instructions for 94-98 Cobra Master Cylinder 2 port Conversion:


*** If you are converting to rear disc, you will need 2 additional parts to modify the proportioning valve.  The FMS M-2450-A plug and an adjustable knob style proportioning valve


Parts included (figure A):


Tools required for installation:


Supplies Required:

·        94-98 Cobra 15/16” bore master cylinder

·        2 pints brake fluid

·        rags


1) Unbolt the stock master cylinder from the brake booster rod with a 9/16” wrench.  There are 2 nuts to remove. 

2) Unscrew the all 3 hard lines from the stock master cylinder

3) Unplug the low fluid sensor and remove the master cylinder from the car

4) Disconnect the Right front brake line from the under side of the proportioning valve (this will be the line closest to the firewall)

5) Screw the T fitting into where you just removed the hard line. Make sure that you position the side port facing towards the rear of the car!

6) Now install the Right front hard line into the bottom of the T fitting. 

7) Install the Adapter fitting into the side port of the T fitting (see bottom right picture)

8) Connect the 3rd brake line into the T fitting just installed. Gently bending of the brake line will be required.  If you do not have a tubing bender, then use a large socket about 1” in size and slowly bend the line around it.

9) Bench bleed the new master cylinder

10) Adjust the brake rod booster out .5 turns.  Use some “white out” to make a line on the booster rod to give you a reference.  You may need to readjust this later.  If you are using a Sn95 brake booster, do NOT adjust the rod out. 

11) unbolt  the stock hard lines from the proportioning valve to the master cylinder.  If you have the brake lines from the sn95 cobra from the PV to MC, use them.  Otherwise follow steps 12-13 to adapt the stock lines:

12) install the small to large adapter fitting in the rear port proportioning valve

13) install the large to small adapter fitting in the front port of the proportioning valve

14) Install the new master cylinder and use the existing hard lines to bolt into the ports. The front hard line will now bolt to the rear master cylinder port and the rear now bolts to the front master cylinder port.  The thread sizes are reversed on the cobras to keep them from getting mixed up on the assembly line

15) Bolt the master cylinder onto the brake booster

16) connect the “low fluid sensor plug”




Optional, required for rear disc:

17) remove the stock end cap (nut B) from the front of the proportioning valve.

18) remove spring, spring seat, rubber o-ring and rod from the proportioning valve

19) transfer the O-ring from the stock end cap (nut B) to the FMS M-2450-A plug

20) install the FMS M-2450-A plug in place of the stock end cap (nut B). Do NOT install the parts you just removed!  You are defeating the stock proportioning!

21) along the passenger side firewall there is a coupler.  Remove the coupler and install the adjustable proportioning valve.

22) To bleed the brakes, screw the valve all the way in.  After you are done bleeding, screw the valve all the way out and then in 4 full turns for an initial adjustment.  Adjust until the front lock up just before the rear brakes.


To complete the installation, you will need to bleed the brakes.  Do not attempt to drive the car until you bleed the brakes and check all fittings for leaks!


Figure A:                                            Figure B: (new pic with adapters installed




Figure C:

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